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Our Cozumel Consultant program delivers ongoing support, perks and enticements that extend beyond your course completion.

Certification: Graduates will secure "continuing education credits" from The Travel Institute (US) and CITC (Canada), towards earning your professional designation as "Certified Travel Counselors."

Course Materials: At our interactive campus, you'll have access to electronic (PDF) versions of key sales materials, available on demand, in full-color, and ready to email or print for your clients.

Color Diploma/Display Card: Graduates receive these colorful collateral items upon completion, ready to display, giving you added credibility and recognition.

Consumer Leads: The Isla Cozumel Tourism Board will have an online database on its website, giving consumers an opportunity to search for their nearest "Cozumel Consultant��like you!

Bulletin Board/Chat: Course users are able to chat with other users via our innovative online bulletin board/chat room. Expand your knowledge and make friends with other Isla Cozumel-selling agents.

“Heavenly Stars�Reward Program: Graduates earn rewards from their Isla Cozumel bookings.

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