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With a Mexican heart and a Caribbean soul, Cozumel is a paradise where tradition, flavor and joy come together. And now the Isla Cozumel Tourism Board invites you to embark on a FREE virtual learning experience. Join us as we explore Isla Cozumel’s heaven on earth treasures, while teaching you how to maximize your client’s visit (and your agency’s profits!).

Our trio of education and agent support programs include the Isla Cozumel Consultant Study Course, and our innovative Isla Cozumel “Heavenly Stars?Reward Program.

We know that knowledgeable and motivated travel consultants and suppliers are Isla Cozumel’s most valuable sales ambassadors. We designed our interactive program to expose you to Isla Cozumel’s finer selling points and subtle nuances. As you benefit from the three stages of this program, selling Isla Cozumel to a broad range of clients will become easier and more rewarding than ever.

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